by Anton Wills-Eve

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The social networking site decided to copy several popular ideas currently on line because so many youngsters watched them. It meant a huge increase in their advertising revenue from companies selling clothes and cosmetics to eleven to fourteen year olds. They called the site “Ten Little Ladies.” They were not disappointed.

Within six months some five to six million young girls were following the site daily to see the latest antics, laughs and problems of each of them. They were all dreadful actors, but that did not matter. They were brash, loud mouthed, told their parents what to do and made up obviously far fetched stories about themselves. But they always kept inside the bounds of good behaviour as far as any kind of personal relationships were concerned. Also nobody could ever ask  who they really were or where they lived. Dozens of episodes were filmed about each of them individually mostly in their homes, schools and gardens.

As the series’ popularity increased the company filmed one special video which included all of them. It was called “Ten Little Ladies Go For A Stroll.” Now that day two of their keenest fans, Mary and Raylene, who watched everyday on their laptops in Australia, noticed something odd. Mary asked her friend,

“Ray, tell me. Why are their eleven of them when it is called TEN little girls?” Her friend agreed with her observation and they typed their question into the comment box section under the video. Came the reply:

‘We had to add a slightly different one, because they all are very alike and we have been accused of discrimination.’

Mary was not having this and replied back indignantly, “What do you mean? They are all white, all rich, all spoilt, all terrible actresses with the same gestures, and can all afford many things we could never have and just dream about. That’s why we watch!  Also they all have American accents.”

Two hours later came the second reply from the site manager. ‘The one, four from the left in the title picture, who you now probably know as Jo or Josephine, has been added to avoid discrimination charges.  Can’t you see the scene outdoors where she is strolling with two of the others? Well the traffic is on the wrong side of the road?  It’s in England’.