My New Books.

My second poetry book, in a new format, is due to be available on line, in major booksellers and through distributors by the end of November. It is a selection of my poems, short stories and flash fiction and is entitled “Day Dreams”.  Written mainly for my own pleasure it covers all types of and genres of verse forms and includes romance, humour, war and spiritual and reflective poems and stories. My sole hope for it is that those who read it will enjoy enough of it to be glad they took the time. It would also make an ideal Christmas stocking filler for those friends and relatives for whom you just cannot think of a suitable present!

To follow this, my first novel, “James and Jacqueline” is a romance about two young people crippled by anxiety neuroses who have their lives greatly limited by their mental illness. It explores how differently people deal with the challenges of fighting and settling for either acceptance or despair when considering their lives. It particularly faces up to the problem of how does someone who cannot believe in a God who has given them such a raw deal in life ever become happily married to an equally emotionally battered person who decides that only by prayer and belief in God will they manage to get through their life happily. Added to this one of them has lost both parents in a car crash as a fourteen year old, and the other has to face the possibility that their family is involved in an international crime syndicate. In short plenty of action, anxiety and angst. But it does have a terrific ending.

There will be more information on these works at or email me at Thanks in advance to all who give me the benefit of the doubt and buy a copy! 🙂