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just to show I’m still here I thought you’d like a couple of jokes.



  1. Best dumb blonde story ever.

There were two pretty  young blonde  girls working for the council. The first one went down the grass verge beside the road and dug a hole every ten yards. Then the second one followed up and filled it in with the earth the first one had dug up. When they had done seven of them a passer by couldn’t resist asking the first girl what on earth they were doing. She replied ,

“Well there are usually three of us but the middle girl who plants the trees phoned in sick today.”

2. A new inspector at the mental asylum asked the chief doctor how they decided whether a patient should be kept there or allowed home. The doctor explained.

“We fill a normal bath with water and then give the patient a teaspoon, a coffee cup and a bucket. We ask them to empty the bath.”

“I see.”said the inspector, “If they use the bucket they are sane and you let them leave.”

The doctor looked at him sadly and said “No. we only let them go if they pull the plug out. Your bed’s by the window”