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Month: January, 2014

The First Amendment


“You’ve got a situation where sometimes there’s no good guys,”

This is a quote of a quote which appeared in an article in today’s edition of the New York Times. It concerned the ludicrous teasing of the US Constitution by a raving nutter who got the authorities so annoyed with him by the content of his bloggs that in the end the Judge who dealt with him last just jailed him for contempt by breaching the first amendment, freedom of speech, when he could not possibly have done so as he did not recognise the authority of the court and said nothing.


It’s a great story because it shows two things. If the first amendment can be unconstitutionally cited, which it was here to the accused’s detriment, then all amendments which have been made since that one in 1778 have no validity in US law because constitutional law is, like ours in Britain, a hierarchical system of precedents where all those following  any which is shown to be de facto capable of misapplication without redress, which this case is, are of themselves not binding in federal or constitutional law.


Now note something. I have cited no names for my assertions or description of events in this case. But the first amendment protects my right to be a fool if I so wish. But it only covers a citizen of  the thirteen states which existed when this amendment was passed. So if it is capable of being illegally applied, then no laws covering any part of the current US which was not part of that country in 1778 are legally binding. Ergo, following this insane piece of reasoning it follows that criminals in most of the United States cannot even exist as there are no enforceable laws which they could have broken.


You think this is rubbish? Well of course it is, but think of that poor guy in prison for life for saying nothing any more rationally threatening to the US than my few words here are.  No! I am not going to say where all this comes from. If you can’t find it then something really is terribly wrong with the US first amendment and all those amendments that follow it.  I just hope I never need the fifth.




Happy New Year


I am not going to indulge myself this year in telling you everything that is going to happen in 2014. This time last year I got seven of my top ten forecasts hopelessly wrong, so I am restricting this year to three dead certs.


Firstly sport. I am tipping Argentina to win the world cup if, and only if, they have to play Brazil before the final, or some other country knocks Brazil out for them. A quarter final match would be the best time for Pope Francis’ XI  to meet and beat Brazil, probably 2-0 or 2-1. The final should be Argentina v Germany or Italy and a 1-0 scoreline after extra time is the most likely result. But all this does not say who I would LIKE to win the trophy. Being a Scots Australian who was born in England and educated in France and  Switzerland, I have to stick with my favourite soccer team. Italy! I don’t know why I love the Azzuri, I just do. It’s like my support of the Pittsburg Pirates which probably stems from my favourite uncle being a native of Pennsylvania who taught me the game in exchange for cricket lessons. But  if Italy win I’ll be happy and if Argentina win I’ll be richer. Oh, and while on the subject of sport, this year the British golf open is at the Royal Liverpool links at Hoylake. As the tenth hole is only 784 yards from my home I shall be glued to the television that week trying to spot  my house!


My second forecast is in the field of politics. I have a very strong feeling that David Cameron is going to call a snap election just when the Eastern European immigration crisis is coming to a head and the Tories will squeeze back in, this time in coalition with  UKIP who should pick up at least fifty seats. Election to clash with the golf? Heavens, I hope not!


And finally an entertainment forecast. Absolutely nothing new that is worth watching for even five minutes will break out in our sitting rooms  anywhere in the English speaking world. As far as drama is concerned 2014 is going to reach a new low in the world of the small screen.

Right, that’s the forecasts over, so all I have to do is wish everyone a very happy and enjoyable, above all enjoyable, year and for those of you who are so inclined I would be very grateful for a short prayer that my cancer hurries up and disappears. I am beginning to get a little fed up with it. Thanks.

All the best.