by Anton Wills-Eve

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/abandoned/”>Abandoned</a&gt;


James was feeling really lonely. Christine had promised to meet him after school and that was an hour ago now. It was the third day in a row she had stood him up and he had had enough. No way was he going to give her a fourth chance. They were both 18, both very much in love, he thought, but now he felt his world crumbling. Bob was obviously her preferred choice and James shrugged his sad shoulders and slouched his way back home dejected and abandoned.

Bob had always known how James felt about Christine and supposed he did not really have a hope of getting the opportunity to tell her how he felt. She must have picked up something from the words and hints he had dropped, and she was pleasant and never made fun of him. But did she have to stand him up for the third day in a row? That was cruel and unnecessary. Finally he slung his bag over his back and walked slowly home, dejected and abandoned.

Christine did not know what to do. She was feeling dreadful about both James and Bob because she liked them both and wanted either of them to help her. But how could she ask? She kept choking at the last minute, agreeing to meet one and then the other and now it was three days in a row that she had disappointed them both. Oh Lord, what should she do? Her best friend Maddy was just coming out of the school gates. Finally Christine plucked up the courage and decided to ask her advice.

“Maddy. Look, I’ve got a real problem and I’m hurting two people badly what shall I do? They both have said they really want to help me and I’ve said I want them to, but I just can’t bring myself to talk to either of them about you.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that,” said Maddy, shrugging in apparent unconcern. “You’ve become a clinging bore,Chris, and I’m going out with Sarah this weekend. Sorry, loser, but it’s finished.”

Christine stared in disbelief and sat down on the nearest bench to assess the situation. That was three really loving, presumed friends she’d lost in a week. She saw Harry leaving. Slow shy, gawky Harry, always the last in everything. Oh, what the hell, she was that fed up.

“Hey, Harry. You doing anything? Like to come for a coffee?”

“With you?” he replied in almost disgusted surprise.”Give us a break.”

Christine wandered back home, sad, dejected and abandoned.