by Anton Wills-Eve

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I was tempted to title this ‘the last post’, but only for a fleeting moment. I’m never that pessimistic! A very apposite title for this blog prompt though. My visits to WordPress have recently been very ‘fleeting’ and so I feel I owe all my readers and friends an explanation. Here it is. As you may know, a couple of months ago I had my fifth stroke, my cancer has once again become aggressive, my spinal fusion has partially paralysed one leg and this, added to three other critical illnesses from which I suffer, has made my doctors rather gloomy. Ergo I have been unable to produce much original work lately and, worse, it now seems that this will continue to be the case for quite a while.

I can make the odd comment on your posts, but have been told it could be another six months, if at all, before I can contribute anything of substance myself. Nevertheless I am able to continue editing two books which are lying round, almost finished, and finishing a spiritual autobiography which I have been putting off for some time. I may yet post that (Posthumously??). Meanwhile, perhaps the odd short verse to amuse, but not much else. If Trump goes any further, however, it may well rouse me to make it a last trump for both of us.

But for those of you with humour and imagination,  you’ll be glad to know I can play some music with six fingers, but it is so frustrating I’ve been told it’s bad for me! Anyway, what would be very welcome would be something like this.,

a kindly thought to me from you

and maybe even a prayer or two,

only, of course, from those who do.

but if you find it very hard to pray,

please say twice as many, anyway,

for, after all, one may work one day!

Love you all