by Anton Wills-Eve

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Well I had to get better by super Tuesday even though typing with only four fingers!


So now we know the new President. The first women to call the oval office her own. Okay, Bernie may run alongside for a while but she’s made it. And won’t it be a wonderful pair of of firsts! She’ll be the first female President of the US and Bill will be the first First Gentleman. Yeah he’s been president, but never top man. But hang on, why am I assuming everything is done and dusted eight months before the nation votes? It’s obvious.

I have no idea why the US has such an insane method of nominating candidates, but when Donald gets past the number of delegates he needs  they have to follow him through the nomination process. Surely the GOP realises that he hasn’t a hope in hell of winning a popular vote against anyone because he is ignorant, brain dead, big mouthed and unpleasant. On top of that his own party don’t like him and don’t want him. The tragedy is he hasn’t got the charisma of a Kennedy so nobody can be bothered to assassinate him.

I have been covering US elections since Stevenson and Eisenhower first had a go at each other in 1952 and this is by far the easiest campaign to wrap up so early. The unelectable  will retire to his golf clubs while the only politician with any domestic and foreign policy experience will walk into the White House with diamonds round her neck. I was looking forward to a fun election year, too. Oh well at least my beloved Broncos won the super bowl. If the Pirates win the World Series it could yet be my greatest American year.

But going back to 1950 – I may only have been ten years old but was writing European reaction pieces on the merits of the candidates as UPI was rather pushed for informed comment over here in those days – I know one thing. I never thought that in my lifetime I would see first a catholic President, then a coloured one and finally a lady. The Saturday Evening post had only prepared me for Norman Rockwell’s images of life over the water!