by Anton Wills-Eve

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I’ve been told to tell you a joke.


                       YOU ASKED FOR IT


When given a command like the one above I always dive into my seventeen anthologies of appalling  jokes by Bennet Cerf. Unusually for an Englishman I was more familiar with his writing than anyone else by the time I was four years old. I could even tell some of his stories in Irish.  But I have decided to give you all a treat instead and made up an original joke specially for ‘word pressers’ which I promise you is 100% all my own terrible sense of humour. Here goes.

Two parrots were walking through Central Park one sunny summer’s day when the first parrot turned to the second and said ,

“Nice day.”So of course the other  parrot replied. ” Nice day”. Two hours later the first parrot died of exhaustion, at which the second parrot thought to himself, ‘Lucky I didn’t speak first’.


Anton Wills-Eve