A Waste of Time

by Anton Wills-Eve




A Waste of Time

Not a sound, not a peep

From the baby asleep,

While the cat and the dog

Both rest like a log.

And the afternoon sun

Is too tired for a run

Round the clouds in the sky,

No one knows why.

The warm summer breeze

Makes the leaves in the trees

Flutter calm and serene,

Speckled yellow and green.

Adding tranquillity and peace

To the ducks and the geese

As they float on the pond,

Where each lily and fronde

Are too tired to float

To the children’s toy boat

Left to bob or to sink,

While the kids have a drink,

the pond

And mummy’s new tan

Gets as dark as it can

Without burning her skin,

The cream round her chin

Stops it hurting all night.

The whole scene, so bright.

The sun, getting ready to set,

Thinks there’s time enough yet.

The birds, wasps and bees

The mosquitoes and fleas

All bask in the hot afternoon.

late afternoon

But it’s surprising how soon

Cool evening descends

And the afternoon ends.

One more day passes by,

Waving cheerio to the sky,

Because time’s daily run,

Round the moon and the sun

Can’t be started or ended

Shortened or extended.

good night moon

Anton Wills-Eve