Just for you.

by Anton Wills-Eve

                                   JUST FOR YOU

“Look Glen. I know I should have thought first and then hit him. But, my love, he said you were a bitch! Well what would you have done in my place?

“You’d what? This phone line’s bad. What? You would have shot him? Don’t be mad. Oh, shot him there. Yes, well I might have, but I don’t tote a gun! Oh, damn this line. Did you say one at a time? You must be a good shot.

“Ha, ha ,ha. Oh Glen! you would have been put in clink for that, good shot or not. Yes, if I’d had a gun I might have done the same. But my aim is not as good as yours. No! Calm down, I said ‘as yours’. Look change your phone!. That’s right, the green cell phone.

“Great, I can hear you now. what’s that? What did you say you were? Yes, Glen of course I know you are. I pay the bills don’t I? But he had no right to call you one. That’s just for me to do! See you at the club babe. No not this week I’m in court. Well he did say he’d sue me for that left hook.

“Of course you’re worth it my sweet. Hey,no more of your cheek. Hah,hah,ha.

“See you soon. Take care my Glen. Bye. Love yer. Ciao!”

Her phone shut down and she could not hear my kiss.

Anton Wills-Eve