A wiser man.

by Anton Wills-Eve


Let me think. A month ago. Yes, that would be the seventh of November 2014. Now what really new, stunning, surprising and instructive aspect of blogging do I know now that I did not know then?

Strewth! Of course. November the sixth was my wife’s birthday and I did not remember until the next day. So what did I do? You’ve guessed it. I emailed her an unctious and cloying plea for forgiveness and included it in that day’s blog as well . What I learned she explained to me in some short and very pithy, forthright words.

“Well if you want the whole world to know you’re married to an old hag of 6- [no I can’t repeat it again :)] then go ahead. I don’t care if all our friends now realise how many lies I’ve told about my age for the last thirty odd years. But at least I’ll always be five years younger than you!”

The interesting novelty that entered my blogging world that day? Easy. If you must blog for heaven’s sake never tell the truth about your wife. Or if you do never let her find out !!