Happy Christmas

by Anton Wills-Eve

I have no idea how many people ever read my posts and poems but to those who do I wish a very happy, healthy, holy and enjoyable Christmas. Tomorrow is the celebration of the birth of our Saviour and I was very upset today to read the lead story in the Daily Telegraph pointing out just how persecuted Christians are in our modern world in their own country. I have no idea whether reminding people that Christianity is how God wants everyone to live, and how all other religions just get in the way of making this possible for so many people, is permitted or not in our politically incorrect country. There is no reason I can think of why I should not be allowed to say that I love all my fellow men and pray for them every day, while at the same time reserving the right to preach the gospel as God wants me to no  matter how many other religions it may contradict. The greatest tragedy in Britain in my lifetime has been the way infidels, and by that I mean people who do not share my Faith, have been encouraged by so many people in authority to claim their right to preach heresy with immunity, while Christians  are not allowed to point out that these doctrines are false.

So my main resolution for 2014 is to do all I can to work towards changing the law in this country so that everybody can preach what they believe without the fear of being fined or imprisoned as they are now. I do not wish any members of any other religions, or people who do not claim to have a religion, any ill will at all. Quite the opposite; they are all God’s creatures and for that reason they should be allowed to hear and decide for themselves  whether the Christian Church preaches the truth or not. I believe it does and I do not recognise any person or organisation’s claim to say they have the right or the power to stop me telling all my fellow men that this is so. Therefore I repeat my message. Have a happy and holy Christmas and make your resolution next year to help bring about tolerance in everyone’s heart no matter what they believe or how they worship.

God Bless you all.