I Spy, well don’t we all

by Anton Wills-Eve

The wonderful hysteria surrounding the question of just who is spying on whom as the NSA revelations are propelled into the headlines by journalists with nothing better to do, is really very amusing.

Since the cold war ended 23 years ago the spies of the UK and the USA et al – esp the Russians-, had to justify their pay cheques somehow. So naturally they spied on each other. After all it is what they had always done and were not really trained to do anything else. Everybody knows that absolutely nothing is secret or unknown in the world that really matters and the only really unpleasant side of this story is that spies still get paid at all. I had to sign three sets of official secrets acts to do my job and never did I break any of them. I did not have to, it was we journalists who supplied the intelligence – god what a misnomer!- services with everything they knew. Still they do have power and that IS disturbing. But there are worse things in this world than a set of incompetent James Bonds running around with the latest technology trying to find out totally useless information about each other. I wonder what Santa will bring them.