by Anton Wills-Eve

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The voters in the Wisconsin primaries today may have forgotten that the worst man ever to represent them was  Joseph McCarthy. But most importantly they should remember that he represented everything that was disliked in a politician. He changed parties, or supported nobody really except himself.

He had blatant and open contempt for the first amendment, the right of free speech.

He picked on homosexuals because he did not like them and gave false testimony against any who served in the government.

He was held in contempt by most of the world and was greatly disliked by both Presidents during his successful years as a communist witch hunter.

He had no problem in correcting himself whenever he made public speeches and regularly altered the text of his pronouncements to journalists and even the President himself.

He never tried to support any accusations or opinions with checkable facts and accused his country of being un-American.

This remind you of anyone? I mean today it ought to!