by Anton Wills-Eve

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after yesterday’s disaster I am repeating some of my favourites as I cannot type properly following my stroke ten days ago. I shall resume proper blogging in about 2 weeks more. worst is I can’t play the piano!. My wife typed this, wish me luck. 


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Heartbreak Daybreak

The starless, sunless stroke of daybreak
Was not the only sunless overture that day.
The place beside me, as I awoke early,
Was deserted. My lover had gone away.

The night before, as she seduced me,
I ignored my heart and placed my trust
In her passionate words of true devotion,
Believing they betokened love not lust.

Tears flooded down my sunken cheeks
As the sun appeared in the Eastern sky.
Yet even then I could not bring my mind
To picture her face and to say goodbye.

Now, I wonder, will my soul ever know
So cancerous an emotion or heart so sore?
If she never returns how can I forgive her?
For I would, she has only to open my door.

No note, no sign that all she wanted
Was carnal pleasure at my expense.
She was lovely, as only those we love are;
Against her smile I had no defence.

The dawn, to morning, fast is changing,
The heat of the day will soon burn all.
And yet my heart will stay cold as ice
And my hopes as empty as trees in Fall.

Darling, I beg you, return again to hold me.
Please let us enjoy one more night of desire.
For then, if again, you should try to leave me,
I shall feel no chill while rekindling our fire.