by Anton Wills-Eve

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the prompt asks me to imagine I am blogging in three years time.

It’s Christmas Eve again so, as every year, my post comes in the form of a Christmas poem for you all.


                                          CHISTMAS NIGHT


It’s Christmas ! It’s Christmas with snow on the ground

We’ve a fire and a tree and streamers all round.

Our house looks so lovely by candlelight

We’re all very excited – it’s Christmas night.


There’ll be presents, surprises and all sorts of treats,

Mince pies, Christmas pudding, our favourite sweets.

But we must write to Santa and send him our list;

If we don’t do it quickly our house may be missed.


We’ve asked for a doll and soft toys galore,

And a big wooden horse that rocks on the floor.

Some soldiers, a football and all kinds of games;

A tiger, an elephant – we’ll have fun with their names.


Some story books, paints, real golden rings,

Puzzles, a Teddy – Oh so many nice things.

They say Santa has got such a wonderful store

There’s nothing at all that you can’t ask him for.


We’re tucked up in bed rubbing sleep from our eyes

Hoping Santa will bring us a REAL surprise:

Something to show just what Christmas can be,

A present for everyone – not just you and me.


We’ve hung up our stockings, the family’s asleep,

But hush! Someone’s coming – we’d better not peep.

Let’s dive down in bed for a few moments more

So we won’t see a thing as he comes through the door.


When we open our eyes again – oh! what a sight!

The room is all filled with a wondrous bright light.

On our tree, near the crib,  there’s a shining white dove

And like the first Christmas star, it’s bringing us love.


Now we always have stars and a dove on our tree

So we and our friends and relations can see,

How each year our festivities remind us again

That Christmas brings peace and goodwill to all men!