by Anton Wills-Eve

<a href=””>If I Ruled the World</a>

the rule of nature I would change if I could.




I have to start with a very big assumption, to wit, that what I would change actually is a rule of nature. I presume it is a natural rule that all living things only continue to live because they want to. If this is the sort of rule that the prompt setter means then I would change mankind’s natural inclination to live the sort of life any particular person really wants. I’ll give you a for instance.

All the people I have ever met have always known what they wanted to obtain or achieve in their lifetime, even if they realise they may never be able to manage this. Well wouldn’t it be so much better if people did not know what they wanted and lived in a constant state of suspense never aiming for anything , just waiting for surprise after surprise to happen? Imagine the fun we’d all have never being disappointed, never suffering unrequited love, never being poor, hungry or deserted. And above all, oh the joy of never being let down by anyone because you never want anything from them! 

You think I’m being funny, or trying to be? Well in a sense I am. But just stop and think about this impossibility seriously. God we’re lucky we are not like that.