by Anton Wills-Eve

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You must be joking!


At first sight this title looks as though I do not want to read the story of my life from start to end, but that is not totally so. The whole point of the prompt for this blog is that it would include what is yet to happen to me, and whatever someone would invent for that part of the story they could not possibly get right. 

Furthermore I really do not want to know what lies in store for me for the rest of my time on earth. Like a Christmas present, I want a surprise. But then comes my time in the next life. By definition such a book would have to include that, and I could hardly be expected to believe an account of Heaven when the whole point of it is that nobody knows what it is like so could not write about it anyway.

But the main reason why this is the biggest non-prompt I have come across since writing on wordpress is that I believe in eternity. You know, forever! So the book could never be finished anyway.

But for what it is worth my life story up to the present has been written and I must confess I do not like the portrait I paint of myself , warts and all. I think this, more than anything, is why I would not want to read on before the next bit happens. I might be terribly disappointed!