by Anton Wills-Eve

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Prompt:If I could spend one day with a fictional character who it would be? 


I was walking in this mansion’s grounds

You know, a normal tourist doing the rounds

Of all the houses he was told to see

When a really pretty girl just gaped at me.


But what’s she wearing? A bonnet and cape,

And a dress with waist so high, I was all agape

This pert little darling was eyeing me with surprise

Her parasole unable to hide her come hither eyes.


I took her for a model, posing to add authenticity

To her surroundings, a truly charming duplicty.

So I entered into the spirit of what I took for a charade

And drew an invisible sword, “Madame. En guarde!”


But as I was dressed a la mode two thousand fifteen,

And no sword or opponent by her eyes could be seen,

She shyly asked, in a voice sweet as peaches and cream

Oh, Sir. You are so odd that from the mad house you seem


To have made your escape this bright summer’s day

But, if it please you, I’ll never try to stand in your way

Of enjoying a few hours freedom in God’s own fresh air.

But I love the quaint way you have done up your hair.


And, oh my, the way that your pair of red breeches

Pass your ankles and right down to your feet reaches.

But my friend I must away to my house, I can’t stay

For soon from Mr.D’Arcy, my lover’s stealing me away.”


As I watched her slim figure through the bushes make haste,

And also pictured those eyes, that fair face and slim waist.

I envied Miss Austen the wit to devise such a beauty,

Incomparably more pretty than any modern day cutie.