by Anton Wills-Eve

<a href=””>First Crush</a>

what would I say to her today if I met my first childhood crush?




With angel eyes and golden curls

She laughed out loud as little girls

Do, when told a joke or funny story,

Revealing her beauty in all its glory.


First day back at school, aged seven,

I scarce believed this gift from Heaven

Had joined us all to learn and play

And totally capture my heart that day.


When she spoke and asked me my name,

I told her, and politely did the same.

“Mary-Beth”, she said with lisp and twang,

And asked if she could join our gang.


But her Yankee voice and cheeky grin

Was all she needed to be welcomed in

To all our games and the songs we sang,

Above all of ours her sweet voice rang


Loudest in songs and when we’d pray.

One Saturday I asked her home to play

And oh what really made us so glad,

Was her American father knowing my dad!


But as so often happens when very young,

Before love in our lives had yet begun,

Her family had to return to the USA

Just eight months later to the day


Since I first set eyes on Mary-Beth.

As we waved them off I felt like death.

Losing such a friend at the age of eight

And thinking of the years I had to wait


To tell her how much I loved her so

Broke my heart. Would I ever know

Her cheeky face again or what sort of life

She might lead as someone else’s wife?


So if I saw her now this is what I hope I’d say,

“Sixty odd years ago you lit up each day.

And Mary-Beth, you’re still looking swell,

With hubby, kids and grandchildren as well!”