by Anton Wills-Eve

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neighbour’s thoughts


I am so tired.

the very pressure

of my fingers

on these keys

drains me

of all energy.

Only the act of thinking

seems to leave me

fit to carry on

telling the world

the story

of my life.

But why?

Who cares?

Why bother blogging.?

It is only bragging

spelled two letters


Is this the sum

of my existence?

Two letters changed

for two more

of equal insignificance?

No deeds

worth recounting,

no words

worth quoting,

noticed by few

missed by fewer.

Yet I had a dream,

she kept me awake

my heart beating,

my hope that love

would not

pass me by

every day

until I died.

I begged her,

‘smile on me’

and on all

my whole world;

you’ll raise the sun

and stem the tide

of that depression

which crushes me

night and day.

And this

you did.

What can I say?

Do you think

the world

will hear my heart,

with you

beating upon it,

and would this

justify those words,

of this

our love,

I did not

dare to say

to any others;

Lest by blogs

and brags

I might our secret

passion give away.

Anton Wills-Eve