10 months unseasoned.

by Anton Wills-Eve

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Favourite season and least admired.

                    10 months unseasoned.                           


I love March best, each year my heart leaps

hopefully towards a face I’d love to love.

then comes the truth, that face is with God above.

Yet every hope and wish in love still peeps

around the wings of the stage set of eternity,

as I hope for one more undeserved maternity.




March, the very word suggests a trudging echo

of boots stomping along life’s unknown road.

leaves muffle the entry and exit from our abode

wife and children are left ignorant of where we go.

we have to tread life’s path as God has willed us to

we have to hope, for He has left us nothing else to do.


                     winter into spring

I love you with all my heart as in my arms you lie

winter has gone and we know not what lies ahead

you cling to me as though my body in truth was dead

I look on you, how long until I have to say goodbye?

cold winds are past but spring is yet to tell us all

the seasons left will bring us, shall we rise or fall?


Anton Wills-Eve