by Anton Wills-Eve

<a href=””>Truth or Dare</a>

Now just how honest is this? I mean how possible, how likely and how truthful?


Her smile was intimate and full of fun

The face, the eyes knew well how it was done.

One tender, touching hand caressed my face.

Our wooded, deserted glen was just the place.


Had she led me there on purpose or by happy chance,

Had she deliberately given me a seductive glance,

Telling me I could do whatever my passion willed?

Had the moment been planned as totally as it thrilled?


My heart, my lips, my body pressed against her chest,

With all my libido rising as I caressed her breast.

If paradise is even half the pleasure of this

The promise of eternal love lies in one such kiss.


We slowly wound ourselves around each other there

I stroking her locks, she rumpling my wavy hair.

She pulled me to the ground to complete my pleasure

We took our time, why hinder love’s timeless treasure?


“Oh Sally, I cannot live for even one more day

Until I hear your answer. Oh darling Sally say

‘I love you’. Oh please, tell me you always shall.”

She answered, “You know I will, you gorgeous gal!.”