by Anton Wills-Eve

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just for fun

The Beauty Queen’s Lament

When young, Oh my, could I wow,
The boys as they gazed
At my beauty, amazed,
But please don’t look at me now.

All my mirrors are draped in shrouds.
That outmoded mess,
My beauty queen’s dress,
Would look good with a harp and some clouds.

The make up I wore at the ball,
When I was crowned,
As my world twirled round,
Today looks like damp leaves in Fall.

It is probably mostly the gin.
Jealous friends said,
– But they are all dead –
Make my dimples crease up when I grin.

But I hope I’ve outlived one bitch
Whose malevolent tongue
Was like pure cattle dung.
I hope that she’s dead in a ditch!


Anton Wills-Eve