by Anton Wills-Eve

<a href=””>Fly on the Wall</a>

a fly on the wall at a historically important event.


The fly on the wall.


It was a bright summer’s day in  the garden by the side of the little wooden house. There on its wall a fly settled to watch what was going on. He had to admit that he greatly admired the effort the really handsome young man had put into building the little house  and he began to wonder what it was for.

Just at that moment  the man put the finishing touches to the building and opened the windows to let the smell of paint waft away outside on the breeze. The window swung wide and just touched the branch of a tree nearby.

The good looking chap then sat back in a garden lounger to take some well earned rest after his labours, when the most gorgeous girl the fly had ever seen wandered in. The insect, now rather puzzled, turned to a friend, who was crawling along the branch, and said,

“Well, bugger me Snake!” To which the asp retorted,

“No, I think that young chap’s got a better idea.”


Anton Wills-Eve.