by Anton Wills-Eve

<a href=””>I Want to Know What Love Is</a>




You know that spine tingling feeling you get when something great happens and every type of joy imaginable happens to you all at once? Well, that is love. So too is the wonderful feeling of gratitude when something you’ve wanted for so long suddenly happens, comes true or is given to you.

But thanks and ecstacy are not the only manifestations of love. There are moments of spiritual love that nobody can explain but which make us so pleased that the really good things in life can, and do, actually happen both to us and to our loved ones. And there goes another type of love. The feeling of being a part of a world and its society that can lift you up and make you cry with relief when something really bitterly evil and nasty is overthrown to the benefit of our colleagues and our friends.

The love that many people feel for their God is yet another totally inexplicable sensation, that of not being able to tell the whole world, as you feel you want to, that the maker of haven and earth is on your side and for once in your life you’ve done something to make Him happy. This is in the soul and the mind and quite beyond the understanding of even the person who experiences it.

But for most of us, I suppose the most unforgettable love in our lives is discovering that the boy, girl or any person whom we feel we cannot live without feels the same way about us, is the greatest human feeling or sensation there is. And the proof of this is its opposite: the awful sadness of discovering that the love of our lives does not reciprocate our feelings. You know, when romance turns into a waterfall of blinding mental tears which can last for ever and a day.

But the very fact that having felt as I have, my love being returned and remaining all my life with my wife, is the proof that I can honestly say that love is the only thing I know I know I know.


Anton Wills-Eve