by Anton Wills-Eve

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Reply to prompt about being the average out of five people.



Being a natural anomaly I can think of nothing I would like to be less than the average of any ‘thing’, or group of people, I have ever known. What an awful tag to carry through life. ‘Oh here come’s old meany!’. Can you imagine it? Seriously. ‘He’s a pretty average bloke,’ runs it a very close second. But the prompt asks me to select five people out of whom I would like to come third, starting from either end, so here goes.

Firstly there’s John Harrington, a chap I knew at school. You wouldn’t  have heard of him and I haven’t seen him since the flood, but that does not detract from his very pleasant personality, permanent smile and all round ‘good egg’ passage through life. Yes, John was a fellow you’d always be able to welcome into any circle you had to make up.

Then there’s Lucia Castricani, a beautiful little bit of crumpet from Tuscany with the most inviting eye’s I have ever seen. She would have to be around if only to bring out the true nature of everyone else around her. But how to fit her into this circle, where I have to be the average? I have no minority sexual predilections so I could never want to think people ever equated me with her, except in personal popularity. You’d have loved her though, so I suppose we have to leave her in. 

The third member of the pentumvirate – okay, okay, I know that word doesn’t exist (does it?), but it serves it’s purpose really well here so stop moaning! This will surprise you. I would immediately toss in Adolphe Hitler because then we would have a very definite and undisputed most unliked member of the gang. Nobody would talk to him, he’d be shunned, wonder what on earth was going on and keep saluting himself because none of the rest of us would. Come to think of it he’s starting to look quite attractive! But think of all the other things he was responsible for. No he’d be number five alright.

I spent a lot of time over number four and finally came up with Bill  Mazeroski because being a sports fanatic I had to have a games player in my circle and what he did in 1960 is still the greatest single sporting moment I have sat through in my life. Okay I was listening to the World Series on the radio in Paris, and it was some god awful time in the night, but when he connected with that hit and won my team, The Pirates, the greatest baseball match ever played I was on a high for weeks. Being at university in Paris meant nothing to me as I imagined what I had heard for eons afterwards. And now, in my autumn years, thanks to modern communications, I have actually seen a film of that moment  and it’s even better than it was when it happened. He was a bloody good fielder too, as we say in cricket, and by all accounts is a really nice guy.

So who gets the fifth place? Well this is where word press so often messes up these prompts dreadfully. It has to be me of course, because if I’m not in it I can’t win it! Well in this case come third. But as John Donne put it so well, no man is an island and that goes for Mr.Average just the same as Mr.First and Mr Last. In short we’re all equal when it comes to existence so, on average, we must all come third. But a bronze medal is no mean thing and if I have to settle for that in life I really don’t mind.


Anton Wills-Eve