The Silent Bullet

by Anton Wills-Eve

vietnam photo ton001

It’s said you never see the shot that gets you

But you do

It haunts your dreams and memories for years

Reduces you to tears

My scar embarrasses me when making love to Anne

Hiding her revulsion if she can

I see that sniper laughing at me, now crippled and lame

I don’t even know the bastard’s name

I wonder if he ever thinks of me and the mental pain

He inflicted on me that day in the jungle rain

As the forest closed my eyes and saved my sanity

Surgeons patched me up with scalpel and profanity

The bullet was extracted, thrown away for good

Only its evil lived on.How I wish I understood!

This poem appeared in ‘Rhymes for no Reason’ , myfirst anthology published Feb this year. My second collection of poems and flash fiction, ‘Day Dreams’ can now be ordered via Amazon, Xlibris, Barnes &Noble, Foyles et al. My novel, ‘James and Jacqueline’ comes out about the same time.

me "working" near saigon April 1969.

me “working” near saigon April 1969.