Mutual respect and common sense prevail over Iran.

by Anton Wills-Eve


Well, it appears as though a possible road to living peacefully with a nuclear capable Iran is at last on the cards. The agreement reached in Geneva last night was just the first step, but if the signatories to the agreement succeed in implementing what they agreed then a very significant world peace conference will have borne fruit. Not very often that that has  happened since the treaty of Versailles.

But last night was not just a very important step towards world peace being assured for at least five to ten years but how nice to see Western countries giving Iran the diplomatic respect it deserves. Persia, as it was when I was there in 1968, is a highly educated, intelligent and perfectly normal community of people who have been striving to show the world that they have the same national rights as any other world power for far too long and that the joint US/Israeli manic rantings against them for the past 35 years have been totally unjustified. Also I sincerely hope that Baroness Ashton gets the 2014 Nobel Peace prize for her efforts in brokering this deal. What a career step up from running the social services in Hertfordshire to becoming the most accomplished peacemaker anywhere in the globe. Few people saw that coming when Gordon Brown nominated her for the job of running EU foreign policy. I also like the way Kerry has come out of this. Just as Hague should be our next prime minister so should Kerry be the next President of the US. Well let’s hope the ‘A’ team can now tackle the problems of Syria and North Korea and make it a triple whammy!!!