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Super Sensitive

which sense would you give up and which have accentuated?


I am in no doubt that I would give up common  sense and that I would greatly increase my emotional sensitivity. There are two reasons in each case which stand out for me.

With regard to giving up common sense I suppose it is becaue it is the most contentious sense we have. Everyone has their own idea of what common sense is. For me basically it is what appears as the blatantly obvious to each individual  and this for so many different reasons. Firstly  I assume that some things in life are perceived logically by my senses and I cannot understand why others do not feel the same way. For instance I take it as obvious that I do not want to die any sooner than I absolutely have to, but  given that many people commit suicide I suppose for many this piece of logical common sense does not hold good. But even so I accept that this is a very common piece of sense indeed. Where one sees the meaning of common sense being heavily disputed is in politics and religion, in other words where and  how we order our lives and the purpose of that ordering are greatly disputed and so one man’s common sense in such an issue would certainly not be another’s. Therefore this sense would definitely be the one to go.

But on the subject of increasing a sense my emotional perception would certainly be the sense that I would want to increase a hundred fold. I consider the need for this to be obvious  as I am referring to the acuteness of my ability to understand how I feel about other people and why I want to. If I love my wife it would be wonderful to be able to love her twice as much. The joy I get from loving her and knowing she loves me is enormous and any way in which I could increase this sensation of perceived and reciprocal enjoyment of being with me, or I being with another person, must be something I would seek to increase as much as possible.Also The emotional side of spiritual love and affection  is part of that same sensation of feeling loved and wanted but in a different, though equally strong, manner.  Thus you have my answer to this prompt.

But hang on. I have a feeling the prompt setter may have been talking about my five physical senses. I do hope not because I would not want to change my physical make up in any way at all. Imagine wanting to lose a sense. If you really did want to be so handicapped you would probbly need psychiatric help, unless that is what led you to feel the need for your loss in the first place!!

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I’ve done today’s alphabet challenge prompt in the form of an acrostic poem in which each of the 26 lines have to start with the next letter of the alphabet in correct sequence. If anyone queries xylographic it means carved ornately out of wood.)

just discovered this was posted a few months ago but when the ping was down



Always and everywhere, Sue you are mine
Breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime divine.
Coming to meet me off the train every day,
Driving me home from the station to play
Evening  games with the twins, both smiling at me;
Fun for us all while they have their tea.
“Goodnight James and Jenny, God bless”,then a kiss;
Happiness is our home on days such as this.
Illness, however, makes us both forlorn,
Jenny and James crying night until morn.
Kneeling to hold a basin while they are sick
Looking at Sue, hoping they’ll get well quick.
Money too causes worries, have we enough
Needed to pay for their school fees and stuff?
Often we go without things we would like
Poor Jenny wants a dress and James needs a bike.
Quite often, Sue, you put your arms around me
Reassuringly smiling, telling me everything will be
So much better when my new job comes through.
Two weeks later I get it, my wage goes up too.
Unknown to you I cannot resist buying a surprise;
Very soon I’m telling you “Now shut your eyes!”
What tears of joy when you see my present!
Xylographic beads set in a silver broach crescent.
Yes, love rules in the house of our family quartet,
Zone of the luckiest, happiest folks yet.