by Anton Wills-Eve


this is about next year



This is not so much a blog as a heartfelt hope that all my digital friends and readers have a really great 2017. You deserve it for getting through the last 364 days!

But also I just want to tell you that, as I have been spared long enough from a series of life threatening illnesses, I am going to post a chapter or so a week, for as long as I can from Monday,  to recount five middle length tales that basically make up the exaggerated story of my very colourful life. It will be in the form of five books, my four romances and the extraordinary settings in whch they took place, and a final work setting out my philosophy and loving hope for everyone. And I really mean everyone. Each story title bears the name of a girl who has played a major part in my life, especially the final one on my philosophy.

So with that prospect of a dose of ineffable boredome before you I wish you all everything you wish yourselves.

God Bless