by Anton Wills-Eve

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the first of three blogs in response to ‘Lifelessons’ post : “An Agnostic’s (creed?) Query”


                                                           MADDENING EVEN FOR GOD


God, the master potter at the wheel of life

sat eternally at his treadle and idly threw clay

watching it spin and respond to his moulding hands.

He made the most beautiful goblets and plates

but every now and then his kiln stoker, Lucifer,

distracted him and one of his creations would slide

off kilter and be in part distorted.

Half smiling, he’d scoop it up, roll it back

into a wet ball and throw it on the wheel again.

Lucifer laughed.

God simply shook his head and returned to his work.

He had to mend the ones that he didn’t get quite right

because of these interruptions. So, just for fun,

he shaped them to resemble human beings

and played with them in a world he had created

and named planet Earth.

God loved them as he remoulded them, 

they were so cute.

He made up games for them

making them keep to the rules.

They were very happy and loved him.

He called them ‘souls’.

But thinking they were just toys,

Lucifer started playing with them too.