by Anton Wills-Eve

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Obama’s chance to earn his Nobel Peace prize.


Following his incredibly egocentric boasting of his pleasure at being congratulated by the president of Taiwan, without even thinking about the effect this action would have on Sino-US relations, Donald Trump proved beyond doubt that he is mentally unbalanced and an unfit person to hold a position of global power. He could easily cause a world war. Okay the Western world is fed up with today’s political establishment but that does not excuse risking a nuclear conflict.

But there is a huge constitutional question here for President Obama. The constitution does not deal specifically with modern technology which could allow egomaniacs like Trump (and Kim) to press a button and kill billions of people if they felt like it. Trump is obviously mentally unstable, his election has made his mental condition far worse, and he must be removed from public life immediately for the safety of mankind. This can be done by President Obama who has the power to order Trump’s immediate medical examination and determination of his mental state. When this is done he can be kept away from the public and be treated for his condition in a suitable hospital.

Under the constitution he would of course not be allowed to be inaugurated if he was sectioned as mentally unfit to hold high office. It would be the most important thing Obama ever did in his eight years as head of state.