by Anton Wills-Eve

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Thanks for a GIANT step for those unable to be heard for so long.


Well, you can see from the title that I am now shutting down my wordpress blogs. It has been a great 3 and a half years and brought me many friends and people I have come to admire very much. I only hope my occasional offering has returned the favour of enjoying yours. To five of you — you know who you are – – I am sending special messages of thanks and au revoir because you have done much more than just keep me occupied, you have cheered me up and helped me through a long period of painful and crippling  illnesses. But I shall continue to read you as long as I can.

A final word of thanks to the whole concept of this type of site. It affords the ill, old and lonely with a giant outlet to communicate with the rest of the world and realise that they are not alone, forgotten or ignored. For that alone I would nominate WordPress for next year’s Nobel Peace Prize. But to all of you, again, thanks more than I can say.



ps.& to Hillary a warning. “Vae Victis.”