by Anton Wills-Eve

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for those of you who think this is about me, yes it is, but I’m nothing like as far gone as the poem might suggest, just deteriorated a bit  🙂



When I was young I reached for the sky

In my heart, my soul, and my mind’s eye

 Never wondering would I make it when I die.

Well I am dying now and still have no idea

If that sky will hold eternal happiness or fear

 In my eternal life despite all my hopes so dear.

 In all my days I tried to reach the holy star up there

My body and soul believing reaching it to be where

 I would find God’s love for me and anyone in despair.

But I reached and stretched too far and much too fast

Ignoring God’s will, doing so little for Him as I passed

From child, to adult on to late years where now at last

I realise I have to reach for Him once more and then

With what little strength’s left to ill, acheing, ageing men

I can only pray, ‘My God, please love me always’. Amen

And to the rest of you, my friends, I have one last tale to tell

Each day I prayed for all of you that you may be spared hell!

  Remember one who once said “Hail, thank you and farewell”.