by Anton Wills-Eve

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I was fascinated to spot that autonomy is an anagram of ‘on my auto’. I hoped that this would soon be used as a slogan for a  used car sales company. Imagine the possible posters stuck on clapped out old bangers nobody would normally buy.

What about “On my auto there is a six cylinder engine!” Easy enough to make it true if you put a worn out old engine on the back seat and sold it with the vehicle. No lie, no law broken. Honest description.

What about a photo of two rising stars of the movie world hugging passionately with the caption, “was this possible on my auto’s back seat?” Then the invitation to buy the heap of scrap and see for yourself. And the best sales pitch of all of course would be , “On my auto”you could win a million dollars.  Well obviously if the company also included a five dollar lottery ticket in the sale, but then  there are just too many con men in that business. So I looked at other anagrams.

Autonomy also gives you that famous Himalayan landmark “Mount Ayo”. Travel firms could advertise special excursions to the world’s least known highest point above sea level. People in baseball caps and tartan knee length shorts would flock there to have their photos taken on such a prestigious peak. The Nepalese would invent  wondrous stories of its mystic healing powers and the guides would make a fortune. Yes autonomy could have a lot to answer for. Just think, it’s also an anagram of “Not you Ma”, the last horrified shout of many a middle aged son watching his drunken mother about to attempt  to sing in a bar.

Yes the variations on those letters can give rise to much more colourful images than the sedate usual meaning of the word in the Oxford English dictionary. I mean how can you get excited at the thought or picture of ‘self government’?  Hang on, though, you could if your country had just had a loss of mental control by 52% of the voters in a referendum and decided that was exactly what they wanted.

And then discovered their currency was worthless, their jobs non-existent, their property valueless and they had to pay for their health care. Yes maybe autonomy is a more interesting word after all, if you don’t mess about with it.